Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So busy right now...

Days fly by and I feel I have miljon things to do before christmas. I have presents to buy and I also have to decide should I take to christmas ham with me when I go spend time with my family or should I take it to my boyfriends parents house. But I stop now babbleing stuff and get down to bisness...

I bought some thing...;D I bought a tan pukipuki Ante and Pink and Blue Baby clothing for pukipukis....:D I am so happy. But this means I have to save now while before I buy any dolls for while. I am makeing a clothing shop for my pukipukis in size 1:12. It will be like a room box. I am planing to make the furnitures for it by my self so it will take time to get finnished...:D

I am also knitting a lot these days. I hope I will manage to make little socks that I am dreamming of...But first I have to try...:)

But know I have to go to do my housework and get ready for guest...:D

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