Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strange karma...

I have been planing to make order to Fairyland, but now I found my self waitting a Unoa Lusis to arrive home. I purchased her as second hand and she has unoas 1.5 body. Seller wasn´t sure when she was made, but still I am happy to have her. I have been secretly dreamming Unoa almost from the start, but I never dared to to really think that I would own one. I have ordered Unoa face plate, Lusis normal and sleeping face, because I was palning to make hybrid (unoa head and mnf body). I also bought the head back from other hobbyist from finnish abjd foorum. I am still planing to make the hyrid come true, but first I wanna check out is Unoa body and the joints for my taste or do I sale her right away and buy the body from fairyland for the coming hybrid. I love Unoas faces and specialy Lusis, it´s so dreamy. Luckily the doll will come whit face up that looks perfect so I don´t have to plan face up her right away.

Unoa Lusis will be my little dreamer girl. She is the one who belives in fairys, dreames about her "prince", love read Jane Austins novels over and over again, loves summer and romantic style dresses. She is quiet, calm and seems to always bee day dreaming. I need to come up a name for her.

Annebella (MNF Rheia) has a new wig. She will be wearing red furry wig and I have made the face up pit stronger to match her new look. She is now perfect.

I have made order to Nine9Style for dress, wig and a shoues and I hope they arrive fast so my new girl dosen´t have to be nude too long. First time I have order clonthings for the in comeing doll from company. Usualy I have order them from diffrent hobbyists from diffrent forums, but now I want her to have something unusual.

I have long week head of me just waitting, but I think it is worth it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcoming party

My pukipukis had a welcoming party for the Choco puki Lily (her name is Ester). Here is some pictures from it.

Shhh! Be quiet, she fell a sleep. It was a long day for her.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Choco Lily has arrived

She came. I totaly love her look. She looks little sad and dreamy. She had little dirt in her neck but cme of with magic eraser and watter. She has her sleeping face and black pukisha set and the previous owner also added two hat and two dresses for her. Here is some pictures of her in side of the doll house what I am working on.

At any minute now...

The package should arrive today and I hardly can do any thing because I keep cheking has the post come yet. Yesterday I bought furnitures for the doll house what I am decoraitting right now. I haven´t decide what floor I will be butting in rest of the rooms but I have bought more furnitures and stuff for the kitchen and made a couch from balsa wood. I have lights already waitting that I but them on, but first I have to install molding in place. The bahtroom is also ready, but I need to find more stuff to make it look more homely. I will try after the choco Lily has arrvied take more pictures about the dollhouse with the pukipukis and show how well they fit in there.


First bedroom.

Living room.

Monday, May 28, 2012


package to arrive in few days. I have bought pukipuki Choco Lily second hand from DOA. She is my dream come true, because Fairyland isn´t makeing any in near future, which sucks because they are dorable and I would love to have more and diffrent molds. But she will be arrieving on few days. Can´t wait to have her here...:D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And the money gose to

...a trip over seas. The money I was planing to use for a dolls went all for this trip we are taking on summer vacation. We are traveling to New York. I can´t wait. I whis I could find some doll stuff at there, but it looks like that bjd shops won´t be there any a round. But in summer I will have more money so I am going to buy my self a dolls on summer. And they all are from FairyLand. I am planinf to order more pukipukis and latter more minifeés. The list is endless.

These days I have been doing on my spaere time some furnitures for the doll house that I am planing for my pukipukis. There is floor on livingroom, one bedroom, bahtroom and kitchen. I can´t decide should I made the same flooring in other bedroom and "class room". I am useing tilda fabrics and bright colors on it so it will be very girly. But after all there will be living only girls so it should be alright. Hope fully next time I will have some pictures to show you about the progress.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopping clothings

I have been looking things all ready from my wishlist dollies. I have order two wigs and still looking for 3th. I have been ordering also clothings. Now I am trying to find right kind of shoes for them and also eyeglasses. Need them to my nerds. I am not sure will I make my order in the spring but the one thing that is sure is tha fact that I going to make it in this year and have tree mnf...:D

And some other stuff... I cant help but stare the sould doll tan version girl named Arina. She is so beatifull. But still I am not so into the way she is jointed so I have to ponder that for a while.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wishlist update!

My new wishlist would be like this:

MNF Miyu
MNF Mirwen
MNF Luka
Pukipuki Niko
Pukipuki Lily
Pukipuki Cupid 2

I wannan make my Miyu as rocka billy style and she will have aditude. Mirwen would be shy nerd as Luka. And will be pairing Miyu and Luka together, opposites attract..;D And I got a macrolens on the camera, so now the pictures will be so much better...:D Hopefully I can make mnf order in summer...:D

And to the Nikki, who was complaining about the english. You can still get the point the from the text even that there is mistakes, don´t you? I have never claim I am greath at english and special on writting it. So Nikki dear keep on your mind, if your self-esteem is weak it shows. Critic is a good thing when it given when it´s needed. I know how bad I am on english but still I am trying to exercise it. As should you exercise appropiate way to comment things to people. Even my little sister knows how to do that.