Friday, June 7, 2013

On the waitting game again...

I never thought this day would come but it came, finaly Fairyland is makeing tan pukifees, litle fees and minifees. I am glad that I haven´t bought the pukipukis what I have been thinking about and that are in my wishlist. Right now I am waitting for my Tan pukifee Vanilla. I was quite a daredevil and paid her without seeing any pictures about tan pukifees on first hand. I really belive I am gona love her. Tan pukifees are part of a event that you can order them via alacarte method but only until 31th of august, but they are saying that product may be available again in future. I decide to make order almost right away because I didn´t want to pay extra latter when I am trying to get her secondhanded. It sucks so far the price will go when it comes to these dolls and specialy limited dolls.

Others news I have are that I sold my Lati Blue Rucas doll and bought a Iple House J.I.D. Kyle the light brow skin version. I just love him, but have to say I am dreamminf little lighter version now. My MNF Rheia is share still her body with the other unoa head, I haven´t found/bought her a body yet.

I can´t help my self but I keep dreamming about buing clothes and shoes for my dolls, but I can´t i have still bills to pay.

Now I am trying to sew a new dresses for my pukifee girls and I should try to make a new face of for my pukifee Bonnie. So many thing to do for the dolly meet up in the weekend...:D

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day dreaming...

I am haveing a day off from work today and I decide to spend with doing dolly stuff. Morning I end up surffing in the internet looking more information about Unoa hybrid (unoa head mnf body). Then I keep looking clothing shoes wigs and stuff for the hybrid. Now I am planing to make face up my other Unoa Lusis face ( made one on it but I don´t like it) and also on Lati Rucas will be getting a new face up. I love the mold of the Lati Rucas head but I hate the body and the way it pose, so I am not so sure any more if I wanna keep him for long.

I am looking for MNF active line body with small breast and cute legs, but I not sure how much I am willing to spend on it because a new one would match so much better with the Unoa lusis face skin color. And I am not sure do I make hybrid a red head or brunet, time will show.