Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some thing on my mind...

I´m having rough time in my personal life and my hobbys seem to be the only one thing that can take my mind off it. Whitout this dolly hobby I think I never would get out off the bed. Thank god! well I have been thinking my dolly plans. I am going to give up the limit, I will get more dolls even that my husband cant understand it. But he knows this is the thing that makes me happy even when I am wantting to cry all the time. I have been thinking getting more the puki pukis and also MNF. And here is list for that;
mnf normal skin Miyu (girl)
mnf normal skin Luka (boy)
mnf normal skin Wooso (boy)
mnf normal skin Chloe (girl)
mnf normal skin Seorin (boy)

Would it be greath if FairyLand would make tan mnf also? I would really love to get one if they did. Other thing is that has be on my mind is the idea what me and some the people has been wondering, why in msd size there isn´t any as gorgeous dolls as in the SD sizes? I would love to have many dolls but I think they are way too big for me, so why they don´t try to make same doll but smaller? Hopefully some day they would.

Edit: 1.4.2011
I got official permission to have more dolls. And this isn´t April fool, I really go it. Now I will go to search more info about digital system camer. I must have one!