Thursday, September 16, 2010

She is here...!

Annabella is at last home. And the face up is all done. Here arriving photos...

Bad luck!

I have awful morning and it seems to keep going. First when I left from home I forgote my bag, then I have to go back to get it. Then all the meters in my car stoped working at the same time, then I had trust that person in front of me is driveing in speed limit. Well I just got home and I missed the mail man. Now I have to wait 2hours to get my mnf and I am so angry about it right now. Why nothing seem to go right today... Why? Did I get jinxed some how or what? Well the only best thing about this day is the fact the MiniFée Rheia is finaly here! Can´t wait to show her to the world!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Something new, something "blue"...

I have done it. I have bought the male doll. But it is not the one I talked about earlier. It´s Latidolls Blue Ruca. He will be the boyfriend for Annabella. He will love motorcycling, cars, girls and of corse Rock music. His idol is Elvis. I have been wondering is there wig for bjd that are like 50´s type of hair even for male? Other thing that keeps me bessy is the clothing for my darlings, thay will defently need some and soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

She is finally on her way...

FairyLand has shipped her two days a go. Now she will visit in French and then she will be start the final journey here. So I should be holding my sooner than I first thought. I have been thinking the name and Annabella sounds bretty and the one for her. She finaly got some clothing, but I think Right after she arrives I will try to make her more because I haven´t found right the look for her... Now start the hard part waiting her to arrive home soon as it bosiple...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will I broke my promise...

I think I am in trouble. Fairyland has come up this new release and I think I am falling for the new mnf guy named Kyle. If that happens I will make my order for a male mnf right away. Only thing that little troubles me is the fact that I promised to my husband that I will order the male one next year. But if it is some thing I really like I will tell him that I won´t wait. But more photos will be posted in Friday about those new mnf  so little waiting meanwhile...

My Rheia is still on Fairyland. I really wish she would be here in the beginning of August. I really wanna have fun with her before my school and the house we are building takes all my time...:/ I have only 1,5 years left and I will graduate so this year is really busy one.

Here is the link for FairyLand´s blog:

Monday, July 19, 2010


My order that I have made has been placed to FairyLand and now is only left waiting. My other order about carrying bag and stuff is already coming! That was fast...:D I am waiting the doll like a child is waiting a Santa clause. I am hoping that I will get my doll much sooner that I first thought but I think it will take that mouth if time that I previously thought. I am going to e-mail to Wind Dolls and ask about it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spending money for protection...

My MNF order on Wind Dolls should leave from them today to FairyLand and I am so excited. If  every thing go well I should be sewing for clothing and making a face up for her after 24.9. And this is second time I have ever have to wait a long time for my doll and  I have to say I really suck in that. I want her home quick! But it can´t be help it. Why I bought from Wind Dolls and not directly from FairyLand that would be faster? Well I save money and my nerves. Because  I am living in area where we don´t have a toll near so the Itella (post office) would charge over 20€ for that they would go and pick it up for me and of course plus toll fees and stuff. And the nearest toll is over 200 km away. And now because it will come from European country I don´t have to pay taxes and toll fees because they have been paid all ready paid and tha package will arrive in nearest shop.

And now back to that title. This will be my first MSD sized ABJD so I really want to take care of her and thats why I have just bought a carrying bag (Dollzone), Mr. Super Clear UV protection and cleaning sponges. All thouse I bought from Think Pink. I hold my MiniFée Rheia so dear to me that I want to take care of her.

I have been looking photos about different kind of face ups and I think that natural kind of face up is the thing for her really. And for the sewing I have admit that I have all ready start it. I have made a skirt for her.It reminds me that I have make pillow for that bag. Thanks to BJD Cast that I have been watching in You tube, I know to get ready for that.

Here is link for the The Channel:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think I like you...

Tiuku and Aarni was talking when suddenly Tiuku made confession:"Aarni?" "Yes." "I think...I have to tell you some thing that I have been hiding for a long time. I think I like you.." Tiuku lean closer and gives Aarni a kiss on the cheek. 

"Sorry am I hearing right, you like me?...Me!" "Yeah..." "This can´t be true... I have liked you so long that I thought you would not even look my way because you are princess." " I was so fraid to let you know and try to hide my feelings and looks."

"Well as I said I like you too and now would you be my girlfriend?" Tiuku blush "Yes!"

*holding hands*


Maker: Fairyland
Model: Puki puki Pipi
Hair color: Blond
Skin color: Normal skin
Face up: by me
Eye color: Blue

Mature: shy, quiet, clever. Pricensses of fairy court.


Name: Aarni
Maker: Fairyland
Model: Puki puki Pongpong
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Normal skin
Face up: by me
Eye color: Brown 

Mature: Wood fairy.Brave, gentleman, loyal.


Maker: Fairyland
Model: Puki puki Sugar
Hair color: Light
Skin color: Normal skin
Face up: by me
Eye color: Brow or Green not decide yet
Mature: Meadow fairy, bubbly, sweet


Maker: Fairyland
Model: Puki puki Cupid
Hair color: Light
Skin color: Normal skin
Face up: by me.
Eye color: Brown

Mature: Stubborn little one. But that you can expect from forrest fairy. Elvin loves to go walking in the Forrest in spring in sun shine.

Makeing blog about my dolls in english.

Okei, now I am finally trying to make a blog about my dolls in English. Why? Because I have read so many blogs in English and saw great thing from a round the world about ABJD so I thought I should make one too. First of all I am sorry about my writhing because I am from Finland and I can really say my English is not great so I hope people get the point in my posts even that my order of words is wrong.

I have made order for MSD. It is FairyLand´s MiniFée Rheia whit large bust in normal skin and no. 6 hands. I also bought no.4 hands, blond long wig and shoes for her. Clothings I am goign to make my self or buy while I am waiting.