Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Choco Lily has arrived

She came. I totaly love her look. She looks little sad and dreamy. She had little dirt in her neck but cme of with magic eraser and watter. She has her sleeping face and black pukisha set and the previous owner also added two hat and two dresses for her. Here is some pictures of her in side of the doll house what I am working on.

At any minute now...

The package should arrive today and I hardly can do any thing because I keep cheking has the post come yet. Yesterday I bought furnitures for the doll house what I am decoraitting right now. I haven´t decide what floor I will be butting in rest of the rooms but I have bought more furnitures and stuff for the kitchen and made a couch from balsa wood. I have lights already waitting that I but them on, but first I have to install molding in place. The bahtroom is also ready, but I need to find more stuff to make it look more homely. I will try after the choco Lily has arrvied take more pictures about the dollhouse with the pukipukis and show how well they fit in there.


First bedroom.

Living room.

Monday, May 28, 2012


package to arrive in few days. I have bought pukipuki Choco Lily second hand from DOA. She is my dream come true, because Fairyland isn´t makeing any in near future, which sucks because they are dorable and I would love to have more and diffrent molds. But she will be arrieving on few days. Can´t wait to have her here...:D