Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And the money gose to

...a trip over seas. The money I was planing to use for a dolls went all for this trip we are taking on summer vacation. We are traveling to New York. I can´t wait. I whis I could find some doll stuff at there, but it looks like that bjd shops won´t be there any a round. But in summer I will have more money so I am going to buy my self a dolls on summer. And they all are from FairyLand. I am planinf to order more pukipukis and latter more minifeés. The list is endless.

These days I have been doing on my spaere time some furnitures for the doll house that I am planing for my pukipukis. There is floor on livingroom, one bedroom, bahtroom and kitchen. I can´t decide should I made the same flooring in other bedroom and "class room". I am useing tilda fabrics and bright colors on it so it will be very girly. But after all there will be living only girls so it should be alright. Hope fully next time I will have some pictures to show you about the progress.