Thursday, December 1, 2011

Miljon things to do...

The package have arrived. And I spend thuseday makeing face up for them and yesterday I made hoodie for the boy and today I am trying to make the pants and socks. Hopefully I can then show you my little ones. I am love the size and the way they joints work. Hopefully I will have more time to go to meet ups than past these 6 monhts.

Monday, November 28, 2011

They might be here today

I have been checking the tracking very often these days. They are coming right now, but I am not sure do I get them today or tommorrow. If to day I hope it will be before I have to go to the work and is tommorrow I hope after my visit to the doctor. I am so hapy that after this day I have 3 days off from work. I can just relax and do things with my dolls and start to make thing ready fo the chrismas.

I will ad pictures and maybe (with big maybe) some video of the boxoppeing after when they arrived.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"On shipping"

 They are coming! I hope they will be here in the begining of December. I made the order in end of October and it´s all ready coming, can´t belive it.I will have bexy time to making cloths for them. Now there is only taking care of tull and also later of December the layway payment for the pukifee Ante...:D

I bouhtg these wigs and these shoes for them from Rubyred. The shoes I made few changes like took that funny looking part of them. (pictured are from the RubyRed companys webside):

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I made a order...

I am haveing two pukifees, Bonnie and Zoe , boht as normal skin. I don´t have a names for them but other one will be girl and other one boy. And I have also on layaway pkf Ante as in white skin. In spring I will make a decision do I use my money for a trip to Unitedstatet of America or do I order more dolls.

I have made 2 dresses, but now I realize that they might be to small for the girl so I have to make new ones. I have ordered wigs and shoes from Rubyred, and they arrived super fast. I love the wig and the quality is wonderfull, so soft.

I have forgot to show you that I have now pukipuki Flora. She is so cute and I love her. So here is Alice.
(Edit: 8:41 a.m tha blogger dosen´t let me add pictures in here again. I think I will have to move my blog if these kind of things keep doing again and again.)
(Edit: 23.11.2011 11:00 a.m and now it works)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He is here...

My boy is home. The MNF Seorin will be called as Arthur (in finnish it would be Arttu). I have get new eyes and wig for him, so he isn´t finnih yet...Here is photos of him...

In this last one Arthur seems to look Annabella so loving that I think there might be little issue about it in future...

Monday, May 9, 2011


I got jobb and that´s why I purchased a doll. He is MNF Seorin, as active line, normal skin, muscular body and with defalt face up. He is used, made in 2009, but he is as good as new. I hope he will be here in the end of week...:D Now I need to made up my mind for his name.

I am planing that in autumm if I still got the jobb I will order Miyu! And the Lati Blue boy is named as Elias. And I also got new eyes from Safrin doll and they are amazing! annabella looks so beatifull with her new green eyes...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keeping my promise...

Here are the photos I talked about earlyer.

50´s style dress made by me..

I made jacket, hat and scarf for my mnf all by my self and in this photo you can also see the jeans I made...Also the new face up for my Lati blue boy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So much to do so little time...

I have made more clothings for my mnf and a jeans for the Lati blue boy. i have been thinking the name for the boy but I am not sure. Elias, Akseli and Julius have been on my mind lately but they don´t fit. I would love to give him name Sakuya from the Kaikan Phrase but i would love it to be more Finnish kind of name. I am givin the boy doll a new face up. Hope fully it fits better than the last one. I vanna make him look mire the lati kind. But more info and photos will be post after easter...Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

More clothings...

Here is three dresses I made for Annabella a while a go. Sorry abput the pics, I used my old kamera for these...:/ I will be adding more photos after I have finish up few new dresses...:D

Friday, April 15, 2011

I got it!

I got the camera! I can´t belive it I really got it! I will be posting lots of pictures after I have finnish up the 50´s style dresses and jacket I made for my MNF. Now I keep on dreaming about ordering 3 MNF at same time, I want to have Miyu, Luka and Seorin. I want to have the boys and the girl for my Annabella so she would have her friends. I ordered some eyes from Safrin doll, I should be arriving in two weeks. I am hoping to find MSD size gitar for my boys so they could show of there musical talents to the girls.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That´s what I am talking about...

I have been convinced that the one that I am looking for is the Canon EOS 550D Camera. After founding greath reviews and watching videous about it in youtube, I fell for it. It´s the one I really do like it and I am hopeing to get for my b-day present or in the summer if I get a jobb. With this camera you can even take greath videos and you can tape them as full-HD. I am butting few links about the videos I am talking about;

I know that after I have got this camera I will start to take more photos from my dolls and also takeing these so called art pictures about things I am find in nature. I must have it! It is perfect!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some thing on my mind...

I´m having rough time in my personal life and my hobbys seem to be the only one thing that can take my mind off it. Whitout this dolly hobby I think I never would get out off the bed. Thank god! well I have been thinking my dolly plans. I am going to give up the limit, I will get more dolls even that my husband cant understand it. But he knows this is the thing that makes me happy even when I am wantting to cry all the time. I have been thinking getting more the puki pukis and also MNF. And here is list for that;
mnf normal skin Miyu (girl)
mnf normal skin Luka (boy)
mnf normal skin Wooso (boy)
mnf normal skin Chloe (girl)
mnf normal skin Seorin (boy)

Would it be greath if FairyLand would make tan mnf also? I would really love to get one if they did. Other thing is that has be on my mind is the idea what me and some the people has been wondering, why in msd size there isn´t any as gorgeous dolls as in the SD sizes? I would love to have many dolls but I think they are way too big for me, so why they don´t try to make same doll but smaller? Hopefully some day they would.

Edit: 1.4.2011
I got official permission to have more dolls. And this isn´t April fool, I really go it. Now I will go to search more info about digital system camer. I must have one!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Self made...

I've decided to sell one of dolls, the Fairyland Multihead Ante Brown hybrid. I just don´t "play" with her and I want to get something else to replace her in the near future. Maybe new Minifee or puki or pukifee, who knows. I made all these clothing all by my self without any sewing patterns and primary school education on the basis of the craft are the things I use while makeing them....Enjoy!

Edit: Dam! It seems blog spot won´t let me add photos now...I so hate it when it dose that..
Edit 31.3.11. Now it works...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello here is Pukiholic speaking...

Okei I am really trying to win my self right now. I wanna have more pukis and I can´t have because I have so many dolls already. 4 pukis, mnf and Latin blue. I like MSDs but I love pukis. They are great and so easy to take with. Plus they have these wonderfull expresions that I can´t help my self. And I wanna have third doll house for my litlle ones to live in. I have really big one and Lunby already, but now I wanna have really modern one.But back too the mind reason, the puki wishlist:

Choco Lily (I know this one I wont get never, after all she is sold out)

Normal skin Flora (My little Alice in the wonderland)

Normal skin Piki x2 (twins, boy and girl)

Normal skin Cupid 2 (at least the face plate)

Normal skin Niko (Boy

Normal skin Ruby

Normal skin Ante

I would be hapy to have even one of them this year...:_: 8 dolls is really big thing to dream about.

30.3.11 I fixed up the list little...