Monday, February 28, 2011

Self made...

I've decided to sell one of dolls, the Fairyland Multihead Ante Brown hybrid. I just don´t "play" with her and I want to get something else to replace her in the near future. Maybe new Minifee or puki or pukifee, who knows. I made all these clothing all by my self without any sewing patterns and primary school education on the basis of the craft are the things I use while makeing them....Enjoy!

Edit: Dam! It seems blog spot won´t let me add photos now...I so hate it when it dose that..
Edit 31.3.11. Now it works...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello here is Pukiholic speaking...

Okei I am really trying to win my self right now. I wanna have more pukis and I can´t have because I have so many dolls already. 4 pukis, mnf and Latin blue. I like MSDs but I love pukis. They are great and so easy to take with. Plus they have these wonderfull expresions that I can´t help my self. And I wanna have third doll house for my litlle ones to live in. I have really big one and Lunby already, but now I wanna have really modern one.But back too the mind reason, the puki wishlist:

Choco Lily (I know this one I wont get never, after all she is sold out)

Normal skin Flora (My little Alice in the wonderland)

Normal skin Piki x2 (twins, boy and girl)

Normal skin Cupid 2 (at least the face plate)

Normal skin Niko (Boy

Normal skin Ruby

Normal skin Ante

I would be hapy to have even one of them this year...:_: 8 dolls is really big thing to dream about.

30.3.11 I fixed up the list little...