Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keeping my promise...

Here are the photos I talked about earlyer.

50´s style dress made by me..

I made jacket, hat and scarf for my mnf all by my self and in this photo you can also see the jeans I made...Also the new face up for my Lati blue boy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So much to do so little time...

I have made more clothings for my mnf and a jeans for the Lati blue boy. i have been thinking the name for the boy but I am not sure. Elias, Akseli and Julius have been on my mind lately but they don´t fit. I would love to give him name Sakuya from the Kaikan Phrase but i would love it to be more Finnish kind of name. I am givin the boy doll a new face up. Hope fully it fits better than the last one. I vanna make him look mire the lati kind. But more info and photos will be post after easter...Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

More clothings...

Here is three dresses I made for Annabella a while a go. Sorry abput the pics, I used my old kamera for these...:/ I will be adding more photos after I have finish up few new dresses...:D

Friday, April 15, 2011

I got it!

I got the camera! I can´t belive it I really got it! I will be posting lots of pictures after I have finnish up the 50´s style dresses and jacket I made for my MNF. Now I keep on dreaming about ordering 3 MNF at same time, I want to have Miyu, Luka and Seorin. I want to have the boys and the girl for my Annabella so she would have her friends. I ordered some eyes from Safrin doll, I should be arriving in two weeks. I am hoping to find MSD size gitar for my boys so they could show of there musical talents to the girls.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That´s what I am talking about...

I have been convinced that the one that I am looking for is the Canon EOS 550D Camera. After founding greath reviews and watching videous about it in youtube, I fell for it. It´s the one I really do like it and I am hopeing to get for my b-day present or in the summer if I get a jobb. With this camera you can even take greath videos and you can tape them as full-HD. I am butting few links about the videos I am talking about;

I know that after I have got this camera I will start to take more photos from my dolls and also takeing these so called art pictures about things I am find in nature. I must have it! It is perfect!