Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopping clothings

I have been looking things all ready from my wishlist dollies. I have order two wigs and still looking for 3th. I have been ordering also clothings. Now I am trying to find right kind of shoes for them and also eyeglasses. Need them to my nerds. I am not sure will I make my order in the spring but the one thing that is sure is tha fact that I going to make it in this year and have tree mnf...:D

And some other stuff... I cant help but stare the sould doll tan version girl named Arina. She is so beatifull. But still I am not so into the way she is jointed so I have to ponder that for a while.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wishlist update!

My new wishlist would be like this:

MNF Miyu
MNF Mirwen
MNF Luka
Pukipuki Niko
Pukipuki Lily
Pukipuki Cupid 2

I wannan make my Miyu as rocka billy style and she will have aditude. Mirwen would be shy nerd as Luka. And will be pairing Miyu and Luka together, opposites attract..;D And I got a macrolens on the camera, so now the pictures will be so much better...:D Hopefully I can make mnf order in summer...:D

And to the Nikki, who was complaining about the english. You can still get the point the from the text even that there is mistakes, don´t you? I have never claim I am greath at english and special on writting it. So Nikki dear keep on your mind, if your self-esteem is weak it shows. Critic is a good thing when it given when it´s needed. I know how bad I am on english but still I am trying to exercise it. As should you exercise appropiate way to comment things to people. Even my little sister knows how to do that.