Monday, November 10, 2014

Long time....

I took me a while but I am alive. I had really big problems in my personal life that made me but this hobby of mine on ice. But now I am back and try to read all the stuff I have been missing while I was butting my life back together. I found out that Fairyland had event on tan pukipukis last winter and I missed it. Dam! I would love to have tan version on pongpong, pipi, niko, rose and flora. Now I have to keep hoping they are doing it again or just dream on and try to find them second hand on the market places.

I got my tan pukifee Vanilla and I just love her. The color is so cute. These kind of things keeps me on this hobby. I have made outfits and room boxes for my pukipukis. I keep playing on the thought about selling my MSD sized dolls away. I love them but I spend more time with tines than them. What should I do...?

I promise that next time I will try to post photos off things i have been working on but till then have fun with your dollys and be creative.

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